A DOZEN sacks of rubbish were collected by volunteers and staff from an Evesham restaurant during a trash walk in the town.

The bags were packed full of rubbish during the litter pick by Evesham McDonalds staff and volunteers from a local charity, the Children's Kayak Charitable Trust, on Sunday, March 30.

Between the staff and volunteers litter was collected from the local retail outlets and walkways within a half a mile radius from the restaurant.

In total the bags weighed more than 40kgs and rubbish ranged from cans and bottles and general refuse to broken pallets, fence posts and local retailers sale signs that had been removed.

Evesham PC David Shortell, who organises the Children's Kayak Charitable Trust, a charity that aims to promote water safety and life saving skills in children, said: "Going forward after the success of this event McDonalds management has implemented a litter pick once a quarter involving different stakeholders within the community.

"During the trash walk we explained to various residents what we were doing and were met with heaps of praise.

"The local residents and in particular, children even suggested that a Litter picking Club could be done once a month."