A DRUNKEN man who punched a female bar manager in the mouth and kicked a special constable in the face at an Evesham pub has narrowly escaped jail.

Bar manager Rosemary Bott and special constable Michael Brown were both hurt by Scott Davis after trouble flared at Ruby Jacks pub in the town's Bewdley Street.

Davis, aged 25, of Spinney Road, Evesham, admitted assaulting a constable in the execution of his duties and assault by beating at Worcester Magistrates Court on Monday following the assaults on Saturday, March 15. Adrian Jones, prosecuting, said Davis was 'drunk' and becoming 'increasingly loud and agitated' by the pub pool table. Ms Bott told him to calm down and his response was to slam his fists down on the pool table. He was told to leave which he did on the advice of a friend but stood with his arms across the door which prevented customers coming in and out.

Mr Jones said: "He tried to grab her (Ms Bott) around the throat and put his thumb in her mouth. He punched her in the face causing a cut to the inside of her lip which bled."

Davis was restrained on the ground until police arrived which included special constable Michael Brown.

Mr Jones said: "They could see he was incredibly drunk and he had been argumentative and abusive towards the police. He had to be restrained and put in the van and he was acting forcefully against the officers' efforts." It took between two and five officers to restrain him. Mr Jones said: "He began to kick out at the officers and he kicked him (Michael Brown) in the face, causing pain and swelling to his face."

Davis, who works at B&Q, was taken to the custody at Worcester Police Station where 'he continued being abusive' and proved 'difficult to book in because he was so drunk'. When Davis sobered up he told police he had drunk a bottle of vodka with a friend and four double vodka Red Bulls and eight shots of Sambuca at Ruby Jacks.

Belinda Ariss, defending, said his medication for Crohn's Disease was changed and his actions could have been a combination of this and the alcohol.

She said: "He has no recollection of being arrested. He says he just accepts what has been said because he's not in a position not to. He is ashamed and embarrassed and sorry for causing such a nuisance to the people in the bar and the police officers."

District judge Nigel Cadbury said it could have been the 'enormous' amount of alcohol he drank alone rather than the medication which made him act in that way.

Davis was placed on a 12 month community order to include a ten week electronically tagged curfew daily between 9.30pm and 6am and he was ordered not to return to the pub. He must pay £200 compensation each to the victims and a £60 victim surcharge. Mr Cadbury said: "It was a very serious matter. If you had a record of violence this court would in likelihood have sent you to prison."