TWO Broadway churches are at the centre of an appeal to raise £20,000 per year.

Both St Michaels and St Eadburgha's churches in Broadway cost around £100,000 to run each year and over this year and last have suffered a shortfall in funding of £20,000.

Now Reverend Michelle Massey is appealing for local people to support the churches, even if they don't use them very often.

She said: "Basically your church needs you and wants to be here for you in the future, for your weddings, baptisms and funerals, but we need your help.

"All churches seem to be in this position now. Wickhamford has been using its reserves. They are not doing repairs to the church, which then takes away some of the money.

"We are hoping by alerting people to it and saying if you want services and to be able to use the church for special occasions you need to think about helping the church out."

Each year the £100,000 goes towards paying for church. This includes a £55,000 parish share, to fund the ministry, including the vicar, housing and running costs.

There are also the day to day running costs of heating, candles, remaining open, cleaning and gardeners and bibles.

Fortunately a recent arson attack on St Eadburgha's Church looks set to be covered by insurance.

Revd Massey has suggested a £25 donation each month to the church or 10 percent people's outcome as mentioned in the bible.

She also warned that as the current money situation stands they can't increase its giving and may have to stop paying for some of the tasks and jobs at the churches.

"We have had a couple of donations and people have increased their giving but it's all people from the church, which is right, but if other people that use it for other things would chip in that would be great.

"Please help us so that we can maintain our presence in the village and be here to support you in times of need."

Anyone that would like to help should contact the church on 01386 858672 or email