A MAIDEN bell dating back hundreds of years has found a new home after the Scout camp where it had been hung was closed down.

For the past 30 years, the maiden bell, which was cast from the metal of a church bell, which dated back to 1770, hung at the Evesham Scout Campsite at Hinton-on-the-Green.

But when the Scout camp closed at the end of 2013 after 60 years the bell needed a new home.

It has now been hung at St Peter’s Church in the village.

To mark its new home on Sunday, March 23, St Peter’s Church held an All Age Worship, which incorporated the Mothering Sunday service.

During the service, the Scout bell was dedicated and blessed by Lay Minister John Lynch in the presence of the large congregation from the village and Cubs, Scouts, and Leaders of 1st Evesham, 1st Hampton Scout Group, members of the Scout Active Support Unit and representatives of the Scout District.