A MIRACLE baby girl who was born against all the odds is going from strength to strength since returning home to Evesham.

Elsie Louise Gordon was diagnosed with a serious joint condition when she was still in the womb meaning she was given just a one per cent chance of survival.

When she was born on Tuesday, February 25, her parents Natalie Brown and Peter Gordon were told to prepare for the worst.

But after seven weeks little Elsie is battling on and has returned home to Avon Street in Evesham.

Miss Brown said: "She's doing really well. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her brain. But we still have weekly appointments at the hospital in Birmingham."

Part of Elsie's condition means she is unlikely to walk and her legs are in plaster, but 32-year-old Miss Brown says they haven't given up hope.

"Obviously she had the plaster cast put on her legs," she said. "Her feet are starting to get more flexible so they are looking quite good.

"We won't know until she gets to that stage if she will walk but at the moments she's had the cast put on and her legs have loosened. They were very tight when she was born. But when you life her leg up it just flops down.

"She does have movement in her hips but there is nothing from the knees downwards so it does seem unlikely that she will walk but you never know with these new miracle treatments.

"We never give up hope that's for sure."

And it was this attitude and mother's intuition that saw Miss Brown through her pregnancy.

"They said there was less than a 1 per cent chance of survival," she said. "But I just kept saying there was something that didn't seem right. For me she was moving too much for a baby with no movement in her arms or legs. In my mind, even if I was kidding myself, there was still some hope."

Now baby Elsie is back home with her family and going from strength to strength and Mr Gordon, 41, says she is even sleeping through the night.

Miss Brown added: "We are getting on with day to day life as one big happy family."