THREE Vale villages will be without a Poppy Appeal collection this year if no one takes on the role of co-ordinator.

Sedgeberrow, Aston Somerville and Hinton on the Green need someone to step into the shoes of the co-ordinator, after she became unable to continue due to illness.

But so far no-one has come forward and the time to begin organising the campaign is drawing near.

Vic Vickery, of Aston Somerville, stood in for the organiser at the last minute last year but he is unable to continue and is hoping someone else will take the reins.

"The men's section of the Royal British Legion disbanded in the area last year but the women's section, who organise the Poppy Appeal, have continued," said the 76-year-old.

"Unfortunately the lady who organised the appeal became very unwell and I stepped in at the last minute last year. But as I will be joining another legion I can't do that again this year."

The 2013 collection, run at the eleventh hour by Mr Vickery raised £882 but he says it normally raises a lot more when organised properly.

"It's a worthwhile cause. Over the years the three villages have always welcomed the people with their tins at their doors and given generously.

"I was pleased with the £882 last year when I think it wasn't a full effort because it was last minute. We would normally get more than that."

Anybody offering their services would have to organise the collections and do the administration behind the scenes.

"What they would be required to do is arrange people prepared to go out with collection tins and drop them off at local shops and pubs," added Mr Vickery.

"They would also need to order the Poppys and do the accounting.They do get training for everything from the central office. If anyone wanted to take up the role I would be able to put them in touch with the correct people.

"They would need to get in touch as soon as possible because now is the time they would need to get their orders in. I hope someone does get in touch."

Anyone who would like to help should contact Mr Vickery on 01386 852540.