THOUSANDS of pounds has been promised to projects in Pershore - providing they get the support of local residents.

Pershore Town Council earmarked £60,000 of New Homes Bonus money to support the extension of the cemetery car park at its meeting on Thursday.

The money is given to councils to spend on local projects, but all spending must still be approved by Wychavon District Council first to ensure the allocation of cash is backed by local people.

The cemetery project was identified as a priority by councillor Chris Parsons, chairman of the cemetery committee, who said they needed to move forward or they would cease as a burial authority.

He said: "Without funding soon we will be ceasing as a burial authority. When we have a big funeral up there the parking on the Upton Road is pretty horrendous. That would be the first priority,"

There was also a call from the town mayor to support the town's bus services, which are at risk of being lost as a result of county council cutbacks.

County councillor Liz Tucker, who attended the meeting of the town council, said she believed local councils would have the chance to be supportive to the services possibly topping up county money.

Cllr Charles Tucker said: "We won't have another opportunity to think about this before they come to us with their proposals. Are we willing to allocate a small sum, say of £5,000, through the New Homes Bonus to act as a the hook to help the county council to look on the Pershore buses with favour?"

But other councillors wanted to discuss the county council proposals when they arrived and agreed an emergency meeting should be held as there could be the opportunity to put forward more money.

Cllr Val Wood asked if the money would need to be donated every year: "I think £5,000 is a very small amount to put in to save the bus services but I am just concerned about the details."

The town council would be pleased to hear the thoughts of the public on their proposals to Wychavon District Council. To make a comment contact town clerk Ann Dobbins on 01386 561561, email or drop into the town hall.