EVESHAM Town Council was berated by angry residents at its annual general meeting this week.

Around thirty people attended the public meeting at the town hall and posed questions to town councillors.

But they were left disappointed by what they called a pass the buck attitude by the council when they claimed not to be responsible for the issues raised.

Mayor Mark Goodge opened the meeting with a brief speech acknowledging the problems faced by the town over the past year.

He said: "As we know we have had a difficult year this year in Evesham. Fortunately now we are in a position of coming out of that. I would hope the year to come is considerably better."

He went on to thank groups that had supported the town over the past 12 months and acknowledged the traders and their hard work to stay afloat.

A successful question was asked by David Way, from Evesham's Civic Society, who wanted the council to look into safe guarding the Abbey Precinct land from developers, which they agreed to look into.

But the meeting went down hill when members of the public asked questions that couldn't be answered in the chamber.

One question from Rosalie Daubney related to the large waste collections, a responsibility of Wychavon District Council, another from Edna Warren concerned the empty shops and who was in charge of ensuring they were kept clean, something that lies at the hands of the lease owner of the land lord, while Ron Jones was reassured by councillor Gerry O'Donnell the if the Riverside Shopping Centre was not set to be transformed into flats.

Brian and Pat Marshall, from Hampton, said they were disappointed with the town council and how they seemed to be unable or unwilling to represent the people of Evesham.

Mr Marshall said: "Now the bridge has been completed is Hochtief having any pressure put on them to clear up the mess by the play area? It's unsightly.

"Nobody seems to be putting the pressure on them, it's your town as well. There's all you councillors and you don't seem to be bothered."

Mrs Marshall added: "Can we please have some transparency? You can understand why no-one attends these meetings because nothing comes of it."

Deputy mayor Cllr Charlie Homer asked the people of the town to support it and it was agreed that he, Mayor Goodge and town clerk Stuart Carter would be available during heritage weekend in Evesham on September 14 to answer questions about their responsibilities as a town council.

He said: "Only as a whole, town council, residents, district and county council can we build this town back up. We are the best advert for our town."