A WORCESTER News story about a lorry crash caused a mix-up across the pond in America.

As well as posting a report on this website, we also used social media to warn our readers about the widespread traffic chaos that was expected at Broomhall Way on the city's southern link road today.

Our tweets were picked up by Joe @ScanWorcester in Massachusetts, USA. His Twitter biography says he has an interest in "public safety incidents, news and other fun stuff".

He seemed to assume the accident was in his neighbourhood (and don't worry, Joe, we've all been there!). This was the result:









Our original tweet

And Joe's quickly on the case

The confusion begins

... and gets worse

Ah, it's all becoming clearer

Joe's followers can even joke about it (at a Brit's expense)

But this is just rude!

Hmm. Not so sure about this, Joe

A final word of clarification from our pal in the US