EVESHAM Town Council is to write letters of intent pledging £250,000 in funding for two of the town's biggest projects.

Both the Abbey Bell Tower Appeal and the Almonry Museum are to benefit from the New Homes Bonus funding, should the town council have the money available to them in the future.

The council agreed to apply for £100,000 for the Bell Tower Appeal and £150,000 for the Almonry Museum in July 2013.

But the security of the money came into doubt when it was discovered it could be used differently by central government in coming years.

However the council says they will still spend the money on the two projects should they receive it and at a recent meeting councillors agreed they were happy to pen letters of intent to the fundraising campaigns.

Members also allocated £10,000 of the money to go towards the War Memorial Project.

The scheme, which is already earmarked to received £10,000 in funding from the council, will see the War Memorial made more accessible to people with mobility issues and the floor tiles replaced.

It's anticipated this will cost about £15,000, with the possibility of up to a £3,000 contribution by the War Memorials Trust. But the town council have allowed up to £20,000 in funding to ensure the project is not halted due to a lack of funding if unforeseen problems arise.

Councillor John Smith said he was happy with the proposals and said he wanted to make sure the War Memorial Project could go ahead. He said by pledging £10,000 to the scheme, instead of the £5,000 originally suggested to council. "It gives us wiggle room if there's a problem when they are onsite," he added.