AN exhibition will display the exotic and evocative work inspired by the presence of the Malvern Hills.

Martin Thorne, who works from his studio in Madresfield, near Malvern, creates his complex pieces from ivy which has been stripped, seasoned and shaped over long hours until its final form is decided.

Each piece is sinuous, sensual, vibrant and unique, and the collection entitled Ivy Sculptures is on show in the Worcester Arts Workshop, Sansome Street, until Saturday, May 17.

Mr Thorne said: "The medium I use is common English ivy – the botanical name of which is Helix Hedera. Its shape and sensuality, when exposed, speaks to me of the human form and how we are connected with each other.

"It also speaks to me of evolution, of the mind as well as, of life. If my sculptures have an aim then it is to inspire a respect for nature and her creations."

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