CAMPAIGNERS who have been fighting against plans for a new housing development in their village say they are disappointed the proposals have been put back once again.

A group of residents from Bretforton have been battling against the application for 59 new houses on land off Station Road, proposed by the Kler Group, even taking an advert out in the Evesham Journal highlighting their concerns with flooding on the site.

The advert highlighted the main worries surrounding the plans, including footpath safety, flood risk, the non sustainability of Bretforton as it has no shop and poor public transport, the site is not part of the emerging South Worcestershire Development Plan and if successful a protected tree would have to be removed.

But the plans, which were deferred at a meeting in January, and were due to be heard by the planning committee last Thursday were postponed to allow more time for Wychavon District Council to get more information.

Stuart Ward, who has been part of the group against the plans, said they were "disappointed".

"When I first heard my initial thoughts were, thank goodness, they have got it at last and realise developing this land is bound to increase flood risk in Bretforton.

"We genuinely felt our campaign with the advert, and all the evidence and information we have marshalled and made available to the committee had hit home."

Then Mr Ward was told the application was only postponed to allow more consideration of the drainage problem.

"We can unfortunately expect it back at the committee at some future date," he added. "On reflection we are disappointed the application was not heard today.

"Although we cannot be certain that it would have been refused, we feel this was highly likely.

"Sadly, some of the elderly residents around the site will have a further period of uncertainty and stress."

But Mr Ward says the fight is not over yet.

He added: "We will be ready to present our case and defend Bretforton from increased flood risks next time."