FATE brought them together at the Regal Cinema and 60 years on an Evesham couple have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Sylvia and Richard Emson marked the milestone in their happy marriage with a series of parties and gatherings, at their home in Overbrook, off Four Pools Road in Evesham, at the Bell Inn, Salford Priors and at St Peter's Church in Bengeworth where they were wed on April 17, 1954.

But they first met 65 years ago when each went to the cinema on their own.

"We used to go in groups to the cinema," said Mrs Emson, aged 81. "But on this day I had been to a wedding and ended up being in town on my own so I decided to go to the cinema. Richard was also there on his own, so we got our seats together and got talking and then he walked me back to get my bus at the end of the film.

"It was pure fluke because normally we were in our own groups so it was as if it was meant to be that day.

"I think it was love at first sight. You suddenly think this is the one and we have never looked back."

After their first meeting Mr Emson, aged 84, who was completing his national service in the RAF at the time, would visit his wife to be while on leave and when he returned the two decided to wed.

"At the time I was keeping house because my mother had died," added Mrs Emson. Richard returned and worked as an ironmongers in town.

"I think we just decided to get married. We got so used to being together it came as second nature that we should marry."

After the pair married Mrs Emson went to work in the accounts department of a local business for seven years before having two daughters Anne and Linda.

"Initially we lived in Bengeworth with Richard's mother and then moved to Overbrook in 1961, where we still live.

"It's been a very happy marriage. We have had some fun and been all over the place. Our daughter Linda was disabled and we lost her age 42, but she enjoyed life to the full and came all over with us.

"The celebrations were overwhelming, so many people wanted to celebrate with us."