THE first ever Aspara Treasure Hunt, which marked the launch of the British Asparagus Festival and St George's Day, was hailed a great success by racers and organisers alike.

The event saw many varieties of classic and vintage cars taking part, including a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Morgan, TR2 and TR7’s.

The eventual winner of the Treasure Hunt was a Morgan 3 Wheeler driven by owner John Carver and his passenger Robin Walker, who both agreed their prize of the 100 round of Vale Gras was delicious, and they will back next year to attempt to win it again.

The British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham continues through until June 21 and there are numerous asparagus related events planned over the next few weeks.

Gus the Asparagus Man will be attending events throughout the area so that Gus Spotters can get their Aspara Passport stamped in the hope they will win the £100 prize money at the end of the festival.

And there are many people hunting Gus down as the giant human asparagus spear has reportedly got ladies’ all of a flutter.

He has appeared at the House of Lords, Buckingham Palace, the Red Bull Karting Championships and is now being asked to show his spear at year-round events with a female-focus throughout the West Midlands - from talks at Women’s Institute Meetings to judging cookery competitions.

His popularity is such that he has his own Facebook and Twitter pages and a range of merchandise, including a saucy calendar, is planned for 2015.

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