CUSTOMERS at a Worcester bank were left outraged when machines used to deposit cash froze mid transaction, showing no record of the deposit and leading them to fear their money had been lost. Up to 20 customers protested when the technical hitch left them fearing for their money in Barclays bank in the High Street on Wednesday, with many refusing to leave until it had been sorted out. Dale Bradley said: “I put £1,500 in to the paying-in machine but it crashed and it wouldn’t give me any confirmation of the transaction.” A spokesman for Barclays has since apologised and assured customer that the technical difficulty has now been resolved and all customer money safely deposited. Mr Bradley, a self-employed landscape gardener, of Bransford, near Worcester, said: “There was no record I had put the money into the machine and I was getting really frustrated as I thought I had lost all that money. “They wanted me to leave the store, saying they would call me once they had sorted it, but I did not want to leave without my money. “There were around 25 people in the store, about 20 were getting angry and agitated at the situation. “A businessman couldn’t pay in his cheque, which was very sizeable, and was getting very agitated. Loads of people were queuing and getting very angry at not being able to find out what was going on. Everyone was extremely angry but there was no help. “Four people walked into the bank and were getting very frustrated too. They began shouting and swearing toward the staff.” “One woman in particular, who was trying to use the machine, was especially angry but was just left to it really. Eventually she walked out of the branch. Mr Bradley said he was unhappy with how the situation was handled by the staff at the branch. “It’s just ridiculous how they think they can treat people like this and I will definitely be changing banks now,” he said. “I know other people that have said the same thing. There were other people complaining. when I was there too. Finally it was sorted and the money was paid into my account. “They offered me £50 compensation, but that’s not enough for how I was treated.” Neal Bright, Barclays branch manager for Worcester, said: “I can confirm that the branch experienced some technical difficulties this afternoon but customer transactions were still able to be processed. “All customer transactions have been processed and the branch is now fully operational.” He added that the cash deposits were never at risk and the bank had offered a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused. “We apologise for any inconvenience to our customers,” he said. “With regard to the individual incident in question a customer deposit transaction was interrupted but resolved within 30 minutes. At no point was the customer deposit at risk and a gesture of goodwill was offered and accepted for the inconvenience caused. “No formal complaint was received from the customer.”