THE winner of a competition aimed at getting young people baking and acting entrepreneurial in Broadway has been announced as Isla Grelak.

The 11-year-old, from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, won the title of Bake-enomics champion following a competition organised between her school and Guy Warner, the retailer at Budgens of Broadway.

The year 5 class were tasked to purchase ingredients, bake Easter treats and sell them to people in the local community over the holidays.

Isla generated the most profit, of £27.50, to be crowned the winner and was given a hamper full of baking goodies donated by Dr Oetker and General Mills in the school assembly on Tuesday, May 6. Her classmates Kathryn Albutt, 11, and Sian, 10, came second and third, earning £11.54 and £10.60.

She said: "I really enjoyed baking the Easter nests and selling them to friends and family. I had to buy the ingredients and make sure that I charged enough to my customers to make a profit.

"I am really happy that I have won the hamper, I can bake even more now and sell more to local people who enjoyed them before. Maybe I’ll be able to treat myself as well this time."

Mr Warner, who decided to set up the competition in a bid to get local children interested in business and baking, added: "The St Mary's students showed lots of enthusiasm and interest in business through this task. I hope this will encourage the students to continue being entrepreneurial. If they keep this up, I will have a new local supplier in no time."