ANOTHER sighing of Keith the seal appears to have confirmed her return to the area.

Keith was spotted in the water at Powick by Sally Robinson, who captured a photo of what could be the iconic seal just under the surface.

Her photograph was taken the same day Kempsey resident James Perry saw Keith on a riverbank in the village near Worcester at about 9.15pm while walking in fields off Pixham Ferry Lane, Kempsey.

Dilip Sarkar, the Angling Trust's fisheries enforcement manager, says the same evening a seal was apparently feeding on barbel fish in the river Teme, which has caused concern among anglers.

Mr Sarkar said: "At this time of year, many fish, including barbel, migrate from the Severn into the Teme to spawn in the cleaner, shallower, gravel-bottomed river - a perfect barbel habitat.

"Because of the numbers of fish present at this time of year, these fish are extremely vulnerable.

"The seal taking pre-spawning or spawning barbel is particularly catestrophic - the barbel population is demonstrably in decline, and is currently subject to formal scientific study."

Last week rumours spread that the female grey seal may have been killed by a man during a fishing session on the banks of the Severn.