A FORMER Olympic coach has secured the backing of his local MP as he tries to forge a revolution to solve the climate change crisis.

Over the past two decades David Train, from Fladbury, near Evesham, has been developing a set of sporting and cultural tools to bring all the world on board to work together to solve the our planet's greatest problems, starting with the climate change problem.

Mr Train came up with the idea of the Chinese dragon boat paddles, the brand for the project, at the Barcelona Olympics.

Last Friday Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire and special envoy to Russia signed the Paddle for Life, which Mr Train hopes one day will be signed by President Putin.

He now hopes Mrs Baldwin's signature will launch the idea in Russia.

"Harriett is David Cameron's special trade envoy to Russia and whilst at the moment relations with the UK and Russia are a little strained, I hope that these ideas will help to improve them," said Mr Train.

He added: "To solve the problem of climate change every country on our planet needs to be on board. "If President Putin takes the ideas to the G20, then all the leaders of the top emitters in the world will be made aware of these Worcestershire developed ideas, to help them to bring all their people on board.

"We will all win."

The meeting was arranged by John Staveley who lives in Harriett's constituents, a member of Fladbury Paddle Club who leads the bell boating at Abbey Park Middle School.