A BIG Lunch will be taking place in Watsons Lane in Evesham later this summer.

On Sunday, June 1, Dave Ryan, and his neighbours are getting involved in the Big Lunch, an initiative aimed at getting neighbourhoods together once a year.

It will be the streets first ever Big Lunch, and they have planned to hold it on some green areas by their homes.

The street has a residents association who are all involved in organising and discussing plans for event and Mr Ryan said he hoped this community event would go ahead.

Most people on the street know each other by sight but not everyone knows each other to talk to.

Mr Ryan said: "We’ve had a few meetings and the idea has been met with a positive response.

"Hopefully we will have an acapella group from the local school and a jazz musician band to play on the day which should be very entertaining.

"At the moment we’re organising the food, we want a variety of food options so everyone has been asked to post a slip of paper through my door with ideas on what they’d like to bring and I will co-ordinate the options.

"We’ll also have bunting which someone used for a family party, my daughter has some bunting which I wanted to use but she said no because her street are having their own Big Lunch."