A DETERMINED fitness fanatic who was told he may never walk again after being hit by a car has beaten the odds to get back on his feet in just three months.

Jacob Meadows, 20, of The Leys, Bengeworth, Evesham, had to undergo major reconstructive surgery after the horror accident.

He was warned he might not walk independently again and that, even if he did, he would be facing a huge battle, with at least eight weeks in a wheelchair and then another 12 months of gruelling rehabilitation.

But Mr Meadows confounded expectations and was back on his feet in just three months after his accident, which happened during a night out in Cheltenham on November 17 last year.

His recovery was so spectacular that fitness firm Body Power took notice andasked him to share his inspirational recovery story with others across the world.

The accident left him with serious facial and neck injuries. He had to undergo ligament reconstruction surgery in his left leg and had metal plates put in both legs as well as three bolts in his right leg.

He spent a month in hospital, then a further month in a wheelchair after he was discharged.

But, within days of being home he was back training, working his upper body while he was confined to the wheelchair and, within five months, was even running on a treadmill.

Mr Meadows said the accident has made him a stronger person.

“I didn’t let it get to me and used it as motivation,”

he said. “Having to learn to walk again was hard but you just have to get on with it. I wanted to train again, even if it meant in a wheelchair.

“Parts of the recovery were hard. It got very boring and frustrating, but it made me more determined to work hard and get back to where I was.

“The accident was a blessing in disguise as it’s opened doors for me. It’s given me more appreciation of everything.”

His mother, Tracey, said: “He’s so inspirational, what he’s done is incredible and nothing short of a miracle. He doesn’t let anything beat him.

“I’m so proud of him.

Parents are supposed to teach their children in life, but he teaches me new things everyday.”

Mr Meadows’ proudest moment came recently, when he walked on to the stage as a special guest of Body Power during ashow at the NEC in Birmingham.

“It’s crazy how my story has gone world-wide. To be stood up there, six months to the day after the accident, was amazing,”he said.

“Everyone has beengreat, professionals in the fitness world, friends, people in Evesham, and of course my mum.”

Mr Meadows is set to publish his story in fitness magazines, and is already back at work as a self-employed personal trainer.