SIX junior South Worcester Lifeguards have been presented with their Master Rookie Lifeguard awards/

The young lifesavers all joined South Worcester Lifeguards at around eight years old and entered the club at bronze level.

The youngsters, Lucy Inett, Georgina Yendole, Eloise Seale, Alfie Rudd and Cameron Leach, have worked their way through silver and finally gold, but to achieve the Rookie Master award, they had to hold their Gold three award.

This includes life support as well as the water safety award and three bolt on awards, which they chose to be paddle board, communications and gold sport award.

Hazel Leach, rookie lifeguard instructor and founder member of the club 40 years ago, said: "We are very proud of the children, the Rookie Lifeguard Programme has nine awards, which take about three years to work through.

"The Rookie Master awards are on top of that, so they have all worked hard to get these awards, showing commitment, skill and determination.

"Credit must also go to the assistant teachers who provided support to the rookie instructors and played a massive part in helping to train the youngster, most of the assistants have also come though the Rookie Lifeguard Programme themselves and are now between 14 and 17 years old."