A FINAL decision has been made by Evesham Town Council on how to spend £100,000 of New Homes Bonus cash.

The council receives the grant each year from central government and the amount is based on how many new properties are built within the authority during the 12 months.

This year, from the full amount of £110,000, a bid for £50,000 for the Bell Tower will be made to Wychavon, which has the final say on whether the money can go to the project chosen by the town council.

Stan Brotherton, the treasurer of the Bell Tower Appeal, which needs to raise a total of £500,000 to repair and conserve the 16th century building, said the confirmation of the money was brilliant.

"It is a significant amount," he said. "It represents ten percent of the overall project together. The Bell Tower appeal committee is thrilled by the ongoing support given by the town council and people from Evesham."

The committee could receive a further £50,000 from the New Homes Bonus money providing the town council receive the amount they anticipate next year.

A further £50,000 was also earmarked from the Almonry Project, which is seeking funding to enable a large renovation project to take place at the building and museum in Merstow Green.

At the town council meeting on Monday councillors also requested further information on a proposal to install some additional play equipment at the play area next to Abbey Bridge.

They asked for plans and details to be presented to them.

The town council welcome the views of residents on its plans for the final £10,000 of funding, which can be sent via its facebook page or emailed to townclerk@eveshamtowncouncil.gov.uk.