PEDIGREE sheep including a prize-winning ewe were mauled in an attack that has left their devastated owner feeling "as sick as a dog".

Five of the eight pedigree sheep at One Acre Farm Shop, in Cleeve Prior, near Evesham, were injured when they were savaged by dogs.

Although four were not seriously hurt, a prize sheep was not so lucky.

Named Posh, the three year-old prize-winning Suffolk ewe competes in show competitions and is estimated to be worth around £3,000.

However the injuries suffered in the attack mean she will not be able to compete this summer.

Peter Smith, 63, who owns One Acre Farm Shop, said: "Two dogs, which looked like lurchers and were very intimidating, jumped over the fence and got at my sheep.

"They chased the sheep and pushed them over, trying to bite at their bellies.

Mr Smith said the incident could have been a lot worse and is warning other sheep owners in the area to be on their guard.

"This has happened a few times, to myself and others, and it's getting quite bad around here now," he said. "Fortunately, four of my sheep were just in shock, and apart from a couple of scratches, they were fine. They wouldn't come near me for a few hours as they were so shell-shocked.

"Posh wasn't quite so lucky, she was hurt quite badly and I had to stay with her throughout the afternoon tending to her. It was touch and go for a while. She certainly won't be able to compete in any shows this year.

Mr Smith was not at the shop when the dogs attacked, but was alerted to the incident by fellow villagers.

He said: "I was out on an errand and the next thing I knew people were shouting 'Pete, Pete, the dogs are at your sheep' so I rushed back.

"When I arrived a few people were already there trying to get the dogs away, and we ran at them shouting, screaming and waving our arms around to scare them away.

"Eventually the owners came and took them away.

"It was horrible and I felt as sick as a dog. It has taken me 10 years to get this bloodline going, and it was nearly taken away in 10 minutes."

West Mercia Police is investigating the incident, which happened on the afternoon of Friday, June 6.