ONE kind-hearted fundraiser will be taking on his own challenge during this year's Evesham Relay for Life.

Simon Huxley has decided to row, ride and raise weights during the running event on Saturday and Sunday, June 28 and 29, in what he is calling a Dry Tri.

The 45-year-old is hoping to make £2,000 from the challenge, which he has done in memory of his mum who died from breast cancer in 2000.

"I lost my mom to cancer in 2000," he said. "I have been a supporter for many years, but thought this year I would try to do something a little different."

Mr Huxley will begin his challenge on Saturday and will row 42 miles, cycle 49.5 miles and lift 45.36 tonnes.

Each amount equates to the money raised at the Relay for Life events, the rowing section equals 74,000 yards, the same amount as was made at the event for Cancer Research UK in 2012.

The cycling is equivalent to 87,000 yards and the 45.36 tonnes is the same as 100,000 lbs, which he will do by bench pressing 2,000 reps of 50lbs and is the target for this year's Relay for Life.

"As someone who has always enjoyed taking part in sport, and now a keen golfer a theme soon developed," added Mr Huxley. "Having seen what the people of Evesham have raised particularly over the last couple of years gave me an idea.

"In all I will be rowing for six hours, riding for three hours and who knows how long the raising will take.

"To raise funds I would like local businesses to support me by sponsoring a manageable portion of my trial. I would like to get 12 sponsors for each 30 minutes of rowing, one for every ten miles I ride and a backing for every 200 reps. We will have a board out in front of the activities with names of business which have sponsored me.

"I'm hoping to raise £2,000. It will be fine. I have had a lot of people telling me I must be mad but at 45 I need to do it soon."

Anyone who would like to support Mr Huxley should email