AFTER an almost fatal crash a Worcestershire father decided to change his life for the better by opening an antiques shop in Evesham.

Chris Andrews, of Andrews Antiques & Collectables, made the move at the start of 2013 and opened his store in Vine Mews.

Little did he know the new business project, designed to lift him out of depression, was being started at the worst time for the town as the Evesham Abbey Bridge closed just months after he opened bringing tough trading conditions.

Luckily despite this Mr Andrews has carried on and his shop has broken even, which he says is all he needs.

He said: "Up until three years ago I worked with autistic children at a special needs school, whilst driving my daughter to school I was struck by a bus.

"The almost fatal crash left me with serious multiple injuries and I spent many weeks in intensive care and many more bedridden at home.

"This was a life changing event and my specialists advised me to focus on something positive, something therapeutic that would give me a reason to live and raise me out the depression my injuries had brought upon me.

"Unfortunately before I had the opportunity to get myself established the Abbey Bridge was closed and we are all aware of the retail chaos that ensued.

"On the plus side my little shop has only got to break even and pay for itself, it was never intended to be a profit making venture, more a therapeutic labour of love, and that's exactly what it is."

Mr Andrews chose Evesham, even though he lives in Redditch, as it held many good memories for him.

He added: "We sell antiques and modern collectables ceramics and glass, with some wood. Our prices are competitive as well, because I am not trying to make lots of money.

"The result has given me a whole new lease on life amidst the terrible injuries I sustained. It can get very depressing being bed ridden and I can't do anything strenuous, so sitting there talking to people that come in the shop is lovely.

"I am lucky the shop only has to pay for itself but things are starting to improve since the bridge re-opened."

Mr Andrews opens the shop from 10am until 4pm Thursday and Friday and between 10am and 5pm on Saturdays.