THE Miss England contestants were put to the test in a fitness competition to see who would be named Miss Sportswoman 2014 by a Worcestershire boot camp.

Zara Holland, Miss Hull, beat fifty-nine of the fittest girls in the country to win the title and a fast-track place to the grand finals.

The boot camp was run by the serving and ex-military personnel of Xtreme Boot Camps who used every technique to ensure the winner truly deserved her place.

"We know how to get the best from people, physically and mentally," said James Evans, co-founder of Xtreme Boot Camps.

"The girls were truly impressive with their focus and the amount of effort they put into the challenge. They are welcome to join my class any time."

Angie Beasley, director of Miss England, added: "The Xtreme team have brought something new and exciting to the competition.

"We have run boot camps before but I have never seen the girls have to prove themselves to such a degree."

The grand final took place at the Riviera International Conference Centre on Monday, June 16 and Miss England was names as Miss Cambridgeshire, Carina Tyrell.

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