PERSHORE Rotary Club's president Alan Fulton ended his year in style with a rocking send off at Dumbleton Hall.

The outgoing president celebrated raising more than £17,400 during his year from events such as the Tree of Light and a ferret racing evening, with a performance from FOG, Four Old Geezers, featuring his successor Malcolm Haden.

Mr Fulton said his year had been fantastic, thanks to the support of the Club and the generosity of the people of Pershore at events such as the Tree of Light at Christmas.

The money raised has supported Pershore Riverside Youth Centre and the Acorns Children’s Hospice but a particular highlight of the year was setting up three eye camps in Sri Lanka, overseen by president elect John Angood.

Mr Haden, the new president, then promised to continue the club’s good work of raising funds for local and international causes while having fun at the same time.

He said: "We always welcome like minded new members, but this year we also aim to reach out to Pershore people who share the Rotary ethos, but do not have the time to join us at our weekly meetings."

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