AN everlasting part of Evesham's old Abbey Bridge has been saved to preserve the memory of the once great structure.

The plaque dedicating the bridge when it opened in 1928 was rescued when the new bridge was built.

It shows Lt Col Rt Hon Wilfred Ashley MP, the Minister of Transport, opened the bridge, which was constructed by Worcestershire County Council and the Evesham Corporation.

Also at the event was Lt Col C F Milward, chairman of the Highways and Bridges Committee and the mayor of Evesham at the time, councillor John Edwards.

It's now been handed over to the Almonry Museum in Evesham to eventually go on display.

Last week Evesham town councillor and county council cabinet member for highways and transportation John Smith joined the town mayor Cllr Charlie Homer and Evesham Civic Society chairman David Way to presented the sign to the museum manager Tonia Collett.

Mr Way said: "The sign is important to the history of the town. The bridge was one of the very first concrete bridges in the country. It was a pioneering structure in its day. It's nice to have a record for Evesham."

A second sign used to direct people to the Avonside Hospital, now named as the Evesham Community Hospital, has also been donated to the museum, although it is not known when it dates back to.

Mrs Collett added: "We are very pleased, they are both important links to Evesham's recent history. They will go on display publicly in the garden."