A CALL from the Evesham branch of the Royal British Legion for new blood has been answered thanks to an article in the Journal.

Last month chairman of the Evesham branch said the legion needed young, new blood if it was to keep going and appealed for more people in the area to join the club.

Now a month on he has been contacted by people in the area keen to get involved who had not been aware the legion existed.

"It was quite surprising," he said. "A chap who had just moved here from the south of France contacted us. He is an ex legion member and didn't know there was a club in the town, so that was good.

"And another two or three people have contacted member Noel Wilkes. The two to three are in their 20s of so, ex military so it's good.

"Thank you."

He added they also now had an 18-year-old standard bearer, which had come about in a different way.

"That's great for us," he added. "We will keep going for as long as we can."