A MINI world cup event held at Evesham United Jubilee Stadium raised thousands of pounds for charity.

The event was organised by the Growers United FC initiative, which sees local growers coming together to enjoy a kick about while also discussion some business and raising some money.

This year the tournament saw 32 teams battling it out from this area but also from other parts of the country.

The victors were G’s Fresh, a national company which has a packhouse in Wyre Piddle.

The main football attraction of the weekend was the friendly match between Growers United and West Bromwich Albion All Stars which ended with a decisive 11 to one victory of the ex-Baggies team.

But the real winners were the organisers who raised £6,500 for Birmingham’s Children Hospital and Cancer Research UK.

Bal Padda, director at Vicarage Nurseries and founder of Growers United FC, said: "We were delighted with the fact that so many growers participated this year.

"All participants were keen to return next year or even later on this year and this idea of greater integration and cooperation between local businesses through football is definitely catching up.

"Everybody stressed a very high level of football played during this year’s edition Growers United. And we managed to raise more money for charities this year than in two previous years put together. What a brilliant outcome."