A VALE villager turned bat woman this month when she was called to assist in the removal of a bat that had made its way inside.

Liz Davies, of Hinton Pest Control, doesn't normally handle bats, as a protected species, but when one flew into a charity office in Evesham she was given the go ahead by the Bat Conservation Trust to relocate the small animal.

And the small Pipistrelle Bat, the most common found in the UK, was an easy character to deal with, even earning the name Bryan.

She said: "We were recently contacted by an Evesham charity who told us that a bat had entered their offices and had been hanging from one of their fabric vertical blinds in the office window following a recent thunderstorm.

"At Hinton Pest Control, we do not get involved with bats from a pest control perspective. We always advise our clients to contact the Bat Conservation Trust via their website or by telephoning the Bat Help Line."

But it was this organisation that gave Mrs Davies the go ahead to remove the tiny bat and she chose to relocate him to the town's Abbey Bell Tower.

Mrs Davies, a partner at Hinton Pest Control, said: "Bryan the bat came quietly and spent the rest of the day comfortably in a tailor-made temporary home with access to water.

"As dusk fell that evening, we returned close to where Bryan had been found and a suitable release site was identified near the Bell Tower in Abbey Park, Evesham."

They then waited about seven minuted before his head lifted and he flew away.

"It was a magnificent sight to watch Bryan flying around for a couple of minutes whilst taking the time to get his bearings," added Mrs Davies.

"Having established his location, Bryan then flew off into the night and it was a privilege to watch this little chap released back into the wild.

"Bats are charming creatures and it’s splendid to be able to help one out, in it’s hour of need. As well as Hinton Pest Control being members of the Bat Conservation Trust, so are my children.

"I’ve always loved bats and hope that I will be able to become a fully trained volunteer for The Bat Conservation Trust."

For more information about bats call the conservation trust on 0845 1300 228.