INTREPID traveller and car racer Joy Rainey has begun an epic journey through central Australia in her 110 year-old car.

The Australian born racer, who lives in Wickhamford, near Evesham, began the 21-day drive, in her 1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile on Sunday (August 3).

She set off from Adelaide, in the company of 48 other veteran cars, and was hoping to finish in Darwin in three weeks time.

Ms Rainey, who herself is of restricted growth, is undertaking the drive to support local charity, Evesham Riverside Shopmobility, as she has been a regular user of the charity’s equipment for many years and is one of its trustees.

Speaking about the first day on her blog at she said: "The Olds seem to take everything in her stride and passing through small towns she seemed to attract considerable attention.

"As I was the first car away we didn’t get to see many other participants – they must have passed us when we were at the hill-climb.

"The temperature didn’t increase much through the day and as we climbed up into a long valley the temperature dropped even lower and when we finally reached our destination Burra, both Mark and I were almost shivering.

"I was dressed with five layers, topped off with a wind resistant jacket, thick socks, boots and gloves – and I was still cold!! Oh for some hot weather!"