CHANNEL 4's hit television show "Undercover Boss" was broadcast on Wednesday night, with a restaurant in Worcester put under the spotlight.

The episode featured the city's Carluccio’s restaurant, as boss Simon Kossoff, donned a cunning disguise and spent a full day slaving away as a Kitchen Porter.

Staff at the restaurant believed Mr Kossoff was a man called Dan Morris, who was learning about the restaurant trade as part of a documentary, called "My Dream Cafe".

One staff member in particular was tasked with working with Mr Kossoff- 46 year old kitchen porter Sarah Cleaver.

Miss Cleaver, of Bretforton, in The Cotswolds, said: "I worked with Simon for a full day, which he spent doing a kitchen porter's job role.

"I was getting him to put away the deliveries, wash up and put away ,and teaching him about all the different procedures in the kitchen that porters have to follow.

"He was really nice to work with and did his fair share of work.

"None of us realised who he was, the make-up was really well done. We thought we were training a guy as part of a documentary."

Miss Cleaver says she was "shocked" when she found out the truth."

She said: "I was absolutely shocked when we found out who he was, I couldn't believe it.

"I watched the show with my mum and children, who were all very proud of me. Watching myself back on national television was really strange."

Mr Kossoff, who filmed at a number of restaurants across the country for the show, said: "The best part of the experience was getting closer to our team. "The people I worked with of course, but somehow I feel closer to all 2,500 Carluccio’s team members since I did the filming.

“There are of course lots of stops to change the camera angle, or do another interview, but I really did work as a waiter, a bartender, a kitchen porter and a chef. It really is hot, fast and furious in the kitchen and the customers really can be demanding even if they don’t mean to be.

“There were lots of things we saw that made me wince. Many easily fixable, some embarrassingly stupid. But most of all, I heard a tale of under-appreciated people doing difficult and stressful jobs with enormous passion, but not nearly enough recognition. Something I need to change and change now.”

Manager of Worcester's Carluccio's, Hayley Mcgrath, said: "It's good for people in his position to see the work people do, and to experience it first hand.

"He was a good worker and I hope it was a good experience for him."

The programme aired on Wednesday, September 20.