OPPONENTS of a proposed housing development off Lower Howsell Road took their campaign to Malvern Link's shopping centre on Saturday.

Members of Malvern Link Forum set up their stall outside Top Banana hair salon in Worcester Road and collected 147 signatures for their petition, taking it over the target figure of 750.

They are objecting to proposals to put 110 new houses of the former allotment site off Lower Howsell Road.

Ron Harris, who started the campaign, said concerns were growing about the impact of developments around the town and called for campaigners to get together.

He said: "We are thinking of joining forces with all the other groups in Malvern that are also fighting planning applications and would ask if they would contact me to discuss this strategy.

"I feel our council have let us down by not doing their job to ensure that they could provide a five-year housing supply to government. Our intentions are to arrange a demonstration outside the council house so that we are heard once and for all.

"I would like a independent public enquiry as to why the five-year housing plan was not completed on time."

He said he wanted to thank the volunteers who manned the stall and the staff at Top Banana for their support.

Mr Harris can be contacted on 07786 990094 or ronald757@btinternet.com.