A COLLECTION of photos that could be of sentimental value have been found in a handbag by an Evesham woman.

Maggie Arnold, of Charles Close in Fairfield, discovered the handful of photos in a black bag she bought from the Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust earlier this summer.

They show a man and woman embracing, another while he is in hospital and a dog, presumably a beloved pet.

The 69-year-old is hoping she can reunite the photos with their owner.

"I like different types of handbags and I came past the shop and saw this one and thought I have got to have it," said Mrs Arnold. "It's black and has zips everywhere and I think that's why these photographs weren't found.

"I had been using the bag for a few weeks when I saw another zip. I have carried it around for weeks and didn't notice it.

"I put my hand in and there were these photographs, five of them. They appear to have been taken on March 7, 2012.

"There are two that look like a husband and wife kissing. He has a moustache.

"It's a funny feeling with me because sometimes people are in hospital and then the next minute they are not there.

"I should think someone is missing them and wants them back."

If anyone recognises the photographs they can contact Mrs Arnold on 01386 421245.