PLANS to build up to 400 new homes on the site now occupied by QinetiQ will be on the agenda at a public meeting on Monday.

The meeting has been organised by Martin Lawrence, who represents the Chase ward on Malvern Town Council and is concerned about the impact of the proposed development.

The technology company, one of the largest employers in the Malvern area, hopes to develop a substantial part of its site off St Andrew's Road.

In July, QinetiQ held a one-day public exhibition at Poolbrook Village Hall outlining its proposals. In recent years it has reduced the amount of its site that its buildings occupy.

Cllr Lawrence said: "I am concerned at the potential impact upon the area of such a high concentration of new properties at that central location.

"Whilst we desperate need housing, 400 homes equates to over 800 vehicles per day using the St Andrews and Longridge Road exits, particularly the latter in view of safety concerns regarding the lack of a pavement on and uphill from the bend.

"To get a better measure of residents views, I have called an open public meeting, It is hoped that a Malvern Chase Resident’s Group will be formed so that public opinion can be gauged, one way or the other. I will also start an e-petition."

Cllr Lawrence has also put in a Freedom of Information request to Worcestershire County Council asking for information about statistical data it has relating to traffic flow forecasts or predictions.

"We need the best information we can get about the traffic impact. St Andrew's Road and Court Road are busy enough now, and we need to know how the authorities plan to deal with the extra traffic."

A QinetiQ spokesman said, “As part of the consultation process, we welcome all comments from the local community and will take these into account as we continue discussions with the council to address any outstanding issues.”

The meeting will be at the Octagon Community Centre, Brook Farm Drive, between 6pm and 8pm.