THERE are wagging tails and happy staff at an animal rescue shelter once again after a boost in the number of volunteer dog walkers.

Staff at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, Hawthorn Lane Newland, had appealed in your Worcester News for more dog walkers after seeing a dramatic reduction in numbers.

Things had got so bad last month that nobody turned up to walk the animals on a Sunday, previously a busy time for walkers.

Staff had been walking the dogs twice a day but being more used to four to five walks a day, the dogs' wellbeing suffered.

It also meant the shelter had to reduce the number of animals it could take in and, despite having 27 kennels, it could only provide adequate care for 16 dogs.

But on Saturday, all that had changed and the field was once again bustling with walkers.

Laura Parton, assistant manager at the shelter between Worcester and Malvern, said: "So far we have had a fantastic response.

"We've been inundated with phone calls and people offering to help since the article appeared.

"Everyone who has phoned up said they had seen the apiece in the paper and wanted to come and help.

"We've had to quickly get a lot more inductions booked to be able to fit everyone in - it's been absolutely brilliant.

The centre has already ran five 30 minute induction with between eight and nine people attending each one.

Miss Parton said that afterwards most people took the dogs for a walk.

"The dogs are much happier because they are out of their kennels more often.

"People also stayed behind to help with other duties but most of them were out walking the dogs."

The shelter is holding a fete and fun dog show on Sunday between 1pm and 4pm which will give people a chance to look around the kennels and meet some of the dogs.

Dog walkers need a 30 minute induction which takes place on Saturdays and then are free to walk a dog, any day of the week between 11am and 3pm.

Anyone interested in volunteering should call 01905 831651 or email: