DOGS Trust Evesham have shared some of the notable statistics of their new centre including the dog who weighed the equivalent of a dishwasher.

The new rehoming centre opened on July 20 last year and since then 600 dogs have been rehomed.

The heaviest dog that the centre has rehomed was an Alaskan Malamute Bear who weighed 57kgs, the equivalent of a dishwasher whilst the lightest was a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier who weighed 1.75kg, around the same weight as a bag of flour.

During the first year, staff and volunteers have walked dogs the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth and trained over 700 dogs.

Dogs have devoured over 8,000 kilograms of food and treats whilst 6,000 people passed through the doors interested in potentially adopting a dog and 29 puppies are cared for on-site in the new puppy block.

The rehoming centre, which originally opened fifty years ago in 1967, underwent a massive renovation and now boasts spacious kennels with underfloor heating, dedicated play areas and all-weather exercise paddocks.

Chris Slight, Dogs Trust Evesham Rehoming Centre manager, said: "The last year in our new centre has been wonderful for both the dogs and the staff. "We have the capacity to care for around 100 dogs in state of the art spacious kennels whilst they await their new homes and the dogs are much happier in their new environment.

“Because Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog down, some of the dogs in our care could be with us for a while, meaning it’s so important they we can provide them with a happy, comfortable and safe environment with plenty to do whilst they are in our care.”

Anyone interested in adopting a dog, call the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit for more information.