FIVE policemen were reported injured on duty in Evesham in three months.

The figure is revealed as part of a breakdown into the use of force by police.

Yesterday, we reported how West Mercia Police have, for the first time, given an insight into the use of force by its officers.

Data released today (September 5) shows how and why officers used force in Evesham from April to July.

The most recorded use of force tactic across the 89 reports in Evesham was unarmed skills, which can include pushing, pulling, kicking and restraining and any other physical force. The second most was handcuffing.

A police dog was deployed once and a Taser was drawn twice but only used once.

The overwhelming reason for force was protection. This included protecting the subject, police, the public or secure property and evidence. Second to that was using it to help an arrest.

There were four threats towards officers, two reports of kicking and one head butt.