A RESIDENT has criticised 'pointless' work being done to a pavement.

Tim McCarthy, of Worcester Road in Droitwich, says he does not know why the work is being carried out on the road, near to the Red Lion pub.

He said: "They are not even repairing the road, they are just making it look nice, I don't see the point of it to be honest.

"They started the work on Sunday and I am not sure how long it will continue.

"They are doing one side of the road at the moment so I assume they will do the other way soon."

Mr McCarthy also criticised the fact that the company doing the repairs for the county council, Ringway is from London.

He said: "I asked one of the workers about the work and he said they came from London.

"I do not understand how it can be cheaper to employ workers from a company from London instead of a local firm to do the work, it is crackers.

"It is not about the disruption, I'm just a bit confused by it."

Worcestershire County Council say that although Ringway's head office is in London, they have a local hub and are contracted by the council to do Highways work, so it does not cost them extra whoever Ringway hire to do the job.

They say that the work is preparation for a larger project.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said: "The works that have been carried out at this location are preparatory works for a larger micro-asphalt footway scheme for the whole length of the footway in Worcester Road from the M&S garage right up to the mini roundabout in Droitwich centre.

"Micro-asphalt footway works are similar to surface dressing works on carriageways in that they extend the life of the surface, however, where the pavement is in a poor condition it does need patching prior to micro-asphalt being laid."