A DAUGHTER has recounted her Evesham father's experiences of fighting in Dunkirk after being inspired by the recent film.

A film starring Harry Styles and Tom Hardy was released in July to commemorate the battle in which Evesham man Alfred Wright fought.

Mr Wright was rescued in a rowing boat, and taken back to England where he recognised Evesham train station as he was going back.

His daughter, Wendy Perks, who lives in Pershore, said: "He never mentioned it until my son was 12 in 1975, he never told me that he was at Dunkirk, my son had a history project to find out about other generations.

"I don't think he wanted to talk about it.

"He was blown off his ship and rescued by a rowing boat, he spent quite a bit of time in the water.

"When he got back to England he had to be checked to see if he was English coming back into the country, that didn't come through in the film.

"Once they had worked out he was English, he was put on a train and he recognised Evesham train station as he went through, a bit like Harry Styles in the film so that bit was very accurate, I think the film overall shows a good account of what it would have been like.

"He shouted to a train attendant when he went past Evesham and wanted him to let his family know he was safe.

"He then went to Norton train station and had to march to Norton Barracks.

"When the film came out my daughter wrote a letter."

Mr Wright was given a medal by France for his service at Dunkirk and a thank you card from Belgium and he also has a scout troupe named after him at Hampton Scouts, as he was involved in the formation of the scouts.