AN 11-year-old crossbreed dog is searching for a new home with her son.

Mother, Polly and five-year-old son Rocco, have come into the care of Evesham Dogs Trust and like any mother and son relationship, they are devoted to each other and love nothing more than spending their time together.

They are friendly and affectionate and looking for a home together where they can pass the time playing with each other and getting lots of fuss from their new owners.

Chris Slight, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Evesham, said: "Taking on a doggy duo, can be extremely rewarding - whilst it’s double the responsibility, you’ll also find that it’s double the love.

"If you didn’t know these two were mother and son, you’d soon guess when you saw them together. They are very attached and love each other’s company and will happily spend endless hours running around after each other.

"Despite being related, they do have different personalities.

"Rocco follows his mum everywhere and looks to her for encouragement, and Polly is a calming influence for her son.

"Both are super affectionate and love fuss and cuddles so if you’re prepared to give tummy rubs and a behind the ear scratch, you’ll have two very happy pets.”

Both dogs are house-trained so could be left for short periods of time. They are looking for a loving home and could live with children over the age of 11.

To offer them a home, contact Dogs Trust Evesham on 0300 303 0292 or visit at 89 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford, Evesham WR11 7RT.