I AM part of a same-sex marriage/family and when people find out they are often intrigued and want to know more, if they have the courage to ask!

At first this felt a bit strange because to me we are no different to any other family.

We don’t make a big thing about it and have never felt the need to.

I don’t want him to feel like he is different to any of his peers even though until recently he had never met another same sex family.

We have the same family values like honesty, kindness, respect, good manners and equality.

We do the same things like going to the park, taking holidays and spending time together.

There is only one thing that is “different’; my son has two mums.

Only two months ago my son told me that only a man and a lady can marry which took my wife and I by surprise.

The idea came from a story book which made us feel upset and angry.

We showed him our wedding rings and photos and even bought some books about same sex families.

Then we started to question ourselves;

l Have we normalised our situation too much?

l Does he now need to meet other same sex families?

We didn’t expect this until he started school but children form ideas at such a young age and he is very switched on.

We organised to meet up with some other same sex families and he got to see that he’s not the only one with two mums.

There are so many different types of families, surely it doesn’t really matter as long as you all love one another?