BROADWAY looks set to receive a sprinkling of Hollywood stardust after American actor David Hasselhoff announced plans to move to the village.

The TV star revealed earlier this week he hopes to swap Baywatch for Broadway after visiting the area with his girlfriend and “falling in love” with the picturesque Cotswold village.

Residents had better get ready for his arrival as he joked of plans to change the name of the tourist hotspot to ‘Hoffway’.

‘The Hoff’, who is best known for his roles as Michael Knight in Knight Rider and Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, has been in a relationship with Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts for around 18 months.

They celebrated her birthday last week with a trip to the Cotswolds, staying at a hotel near Cheltenham and touring the area.

The couple were so taken with Broadway in particular that they put in an offer on a property.

Speaking to a national newspaper this week, the star said: “The Cotswolds won’t know what has hit them. I’m hoping the locals take to us, though, and I’m already naming it Hoffway. I love your country and almost feel like an honorary Brit.”

Nigel Robinson, of the Treasure Trove, Broadway, said he knew of a few homes in the village for sale but doubted any would be secluded enough for the star.

Sue Woodford, who works at the Swan in Broadway, said: “We would be a bit speechless if he came in here. He would be quite a personality in the pub and we would be excited to have a celebrity in our midst.”

County councillor Liz Eyre said Broadway had always attracted luminaries of all fields and residents were used to seeing famous faces.

She said: “Our history boasts leaders, artists, writers, musicians, artisans and actors to PR gurus. The residents take it all in their stride.”