THE Centre celebrated the Christmas Festival with an excellent lunch at the Vale Golf Club and it was agreed to book it again. Later in the month we celebrated yet again with a meeting at Peopleton Village Hall, we had sherry and mince pies, the speaker was Richard Churchley who entertained us with Christmas songs through the ages. He took us back to the origins of Carols and Christmas songs which included Mummer Plays and Morris Dancing which was done in the winter for extra money when there was no work on the land. During Cromwells time it was all banned and the Morris Men blackened their faces with soot so that they would not be recognised. The meeting ended with the traditional bumper raffle of 20 prizes. There will be plenty to look forward to in 2017 already there are outings being arranged to Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre and a Boat Trip from Windsor with lunch . The next meeting will be on January 25 and the speaker will be Terry Church entitled “You couldn’t make it up” Visitors and new members very welcome ring Pauline on 01905 458 458