THERE is a saying that “we all have a novel within us” and after Sue Johnston’s inspirational talk at our February meeting, most members felt this could be true. Sue, a successful novelist explained where her ideas come from (eavesdropping in coffee shops is a good source !) and urged writers not to be put off by adverse comments or rejections slips. She writes short stories for magazines and at any one time has 50 articles waiting to be accepted. She has now started writing novels with her first one being published this year. Some members had already composed verses for Valentine cards which Sue judged with Nicole Newton’s proving to be the best.

We were delighted to welcome two new members, Stephanie Hale and Helen Smith and three guests Margaret Fishwick, Jacqui Corstophine and Helen Meyer at what was a very busy meeting. The most popular resolution chosen to be discussed at the NFWI Annual meeting in June dealt with alleviating loneliness with help for women’s refuges coming second. Members for the skittles team were being recruited, workshops were being signed for and details of forthcoming meetings shared. Our annual litter-pick will be taking place on Saturday, March 4 and we are looking forward to welcoming teams from neighbouring WIs to the annual group quiz at the end of March.