PERSHORE and District Branch, Royal British Legion, launched its Breakfast Club on Wednesday 8 February, at The White Horse, Church Row, Pershore, WR10 1BH.

The Breakfast Club is for all veterans and members of the Royal British Legion and is designed as an informal get together. The concept of the Legion Breakfast Club isn’t new, but most Clubs are in major towns and cities which aren’t always accessible to those that would benefit most from the facility.

It is hoped that the Breakfast Club will provide the basis for a regular get together for Veterans and Legion members alike. Often when someone leaves the Forces they can struggle to adapt to the Civilian way of live and one of the aims of this Club is to address the sense of isolation that people can feel once they have left the Services. The Club hopes to foster that same sense of comradeship that the Forces offered. Legion members are also more than welcome to attend as by the virtue of being a Legion member they are showing support for the Armed Forces and can often provide help and assistance that may be needed by ex-Service men and women. The Breakfast Club will be held every second Wednesday in the month starting at 9am and runs until 11am. Breakfast costs £5 and includes unlimited tea/coffee.

The Branch Chairman, Mr Simon Dudfield, expressed his great thanks to Pio for allowing the Branch to use the White Horse and for providing the breakfasts.