WYCHAVON District Council has proposed increasing the cost of its garden waste service by approximately the rate of inflation.

Since the service was introduced in 2008, the cost will have risen by more than 50 per cent.

However, three members of the council (councillors A Dyke, F Smith and A Adams) have proposed that the increase should be approximately 10 per cent.

That would be a 66 per cent total increase.

The business case prepared by council offices supports the lower increase. Locally, only Malvern Hill charges more for this service. If this is correct, with inflation at 2.2 per cent, why do these councillors consider the price be raised by 10 per cent? Or is this another example of councillors not living in or reflecting the real world, or do they think we all received ‘bankers’ bonuses’ and do not care about their attempts to just expect the electorate to pay up?

I hope that this proposal is rejected by the rest of the council as mere “hot air” and they show their support for this scheme which encourages efficient recycling.

MARTIN KING, Burford Road, Evesham