I HOPE by now most of your readers will be aware that there is a free loft and cavity wall insulation programme being offered by Wychavon Council, among others.

It is quite astonishing that, despite the rising prices of gas and electricity (and they will never go down) energy bills are often higher than they need be due to poor insulation. In addition of course, the more energy we use, the greater our carbon emissions.

It is not all bad news. The UK broke its own record for creating wind-power twice last month. Solar panels are getting cheaper.

There is an increasing awareness of the importance of using local food, which both supports our local economy and saves the vast amounts of energy consumed by transporting food from one part of the country (and even the Continent) and back again.

For inspiration join us for the In Transition film to be shown at the Regal in Evesham on Tuesday, November 20, at 5pm.

Sixteen stories from around the world about how people are tackling climate change.

REVD DAVID HASLAM Chair, Transition Evesham Vale