WE usually support our own local traders in Moreton-in-Marsh but with occasional trips to Cheltenham for items not available here.

Having read your article on shopping in Evesham and how the traffic was being kept flowing, we decided to give Cheltenham a miss and support Evesham traders for a change.

But we were in for a shock.

Your article states that the traffic diversion was “agreed following a public consultation” but I’ve yet to meet an Evesham resident who agreed with it. Why didn’t you say “agreed by councillors after the charade of a public consultation”?

Your simplified plan shows Swan Lane and Oat Street acting as a giant roundabout. So far, so good – but wait a minute!

The traffic is going the wrong way and introducing two bottlenecks where eastbound traffic crosses over westbound traffic.

The solution is blindingly obvious, but I understand that councillors have a mental block about letting traffic flow in accordance with traffic plans used throughout the UK – ie, you travel around a roundabout and leave to your left.

Sitting in a traffic jam I looked around me and came up with this simple long-term plan.

Reverse the current flow and introduce a long capsule-shaped roundabout in High Street between Oat Street and Swan Lane.

Buses could be moved north up High Street past the Co-op or to the car park at the old Swan Lane school. You then wouldn’t need the Swan Lane traffic lights or the four men I saw “controlling” the traffic.

However, full marks to the people of Evesham and district for continuing to support the traders and I hope no more businesses are forced to close despite the council allowing temporary market traders to take a slice of their business.

Good luck to the traders and thanks to Hochtief, Worcestershire County Council and Wychavon District Council for laying on this seasonal pantomime!

TONY O’NEILL Moreton-in-Marsh